Recently this country has experienced great trauma from several acts of violence and murder. A terrorist shot 102 in a crowded nightclub in Orlando, killing 49. Concerns mount when the police shoot and kill those detained. A sniper intentionally picks off policemen protecting peaceful demonstrators in Dallas.

Across our country, there is a level of mis-trust, anger and vengeance that is rising.

We who are members of the family of God and the Adventist Church are called to be peacemakers. We have that calling because we have been invited into and adopted in the family led by the Prince of Peace. While we must work to prevent injustice everywhere, we must also extend grace and compassion right here. Right where we live, right where we worship, right where we stand at any given time.

These acts right now remind us that we are living in a world that is fast falling into chaos. We can’t close our eyes and just hope for the future to fix all wrongs. Yes, Jesus is coming, and that is our hope. But until He arrives, we need to “occupy until He comes.” That means we must bring the values of the heavenly kingdom to each person around us. Pray for the ability to represent Christ to each one you know and meet. And pray that the Lord holds back the winds of strife just a little longer, so that we can share the joy of Christ’s second coming and the power of His transforming grace.


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