Beyond all the lights, decorations, holiday music and retail shopping madness, what a joy to step back and contemplate the great gift of God to the human family at this time of year. Immanuel, God with us. Just think that the very Creator God, the One who holds and guide the entire universe. The One who is loved by unfallen created beings and who experience the glory of heaven, choose to come to this earth, be born as a helpless, dependent baby. That mighty God choose to experience all the difficulties and issues of life, . . . in order that He might lift us up and restore us to a place in the heavenly family. Jesus is God’s gift to us. He came, right on time, and the angels filled the night sky over Bethlehem with just a small fraction of the glory of eternity to announce His coming to some sincere shepherds.

Today, I invite the Pennsylvania Adventist family, to be revived in the memory of Christ’s coming some 2000 years ago. And to also be excited as we eagerly anticipate His soon return. Just as certainly as Jesus came and entered the world in Bethlehem that night, so He has promised to come again. And this time, just when the condition of the world may seem very dark, He will come with the glory of all His angels, and all His glory, and all the glory of His Father. That is what each of us joyfully looks for. Let us join as an Adventist family across Pennsylvania, in sharing that joy, and reminding everyone who lives here, that there is another coming to be ready for.


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