The Only Effective Ban that Answers Gun Violence and Terrorism


Paris, Columbine, Sandy Hook and now San Bernardino. Images of terror, destruction and death are becoming way too common in our present experience. We tremble to hear where it devastates families and neighborhoods next. Helpless is not the answer we want. Lowering flags to half-mast and offering prayers and thoughts doesn’t seem to solve the pervasive epidemic that only seems to be growing.

In the urge to feel like we as a society can do something that will solve this wave of senseless violence before it comes to my neighborhood, my workplace, my family, we desperately think that before another person gets caught in innocent murderous rampages, surely we can do something that will prevent this from ever happening again!

So the chorus is becoming louder and louder to ban assault rifles and automatic types of weapons. I will be among the first to agree that the general populace does not need keep and bear the arms of assault weapons. What we need to do is keep and hold safe in our arms our children and our neighbors. But then after banning certain types of weapons, where else will the ban go? Once assault weapons are legislated to be illegal, will that prevent the terror assault on innocent Americans? Other weapons will be chosen since the desire to harm and destroy is so strong in the minds of the enemies of those who disagree with the American values and cultures and those mentally unbalanced , that they think they have enemies to remove, or that they need to seek notoriety. What do we ban next, when we find that evil marches on in the hearts and actions of men and women determined to destroy the peace and lives of everyday citizens?

Timothy McVeigh used a Ryder rental truck for the Oklahoma bombing of the Federal Building. Do we ban Ryder Rental Trucks? He used basic fertilizer products to produce the explosion. Do we ban agricultural fertilizer? The middle east terrorists of 9-11 used airliners. Do we ban jet airplanes? The Palestinians right now in Jerusalem and parts of Israel are stabbing innocent Israelis on the streets with kitchen knives and scissors. Do we ban sharp kitchen knifes and household scissors? The Boston Marathon Bombers used a kitchen pressure cooker—no guns. For heaven’s sake, should we ban kitchen pressure cookers? The San Bernardino terrorists had also constructed pipe bombs from basic materials readily available. Shall we ban pipes?

No matter what we ban, either terrorists or criminals or the mentally unbalanced will find something to continue their evil actions to destroy life, create mayhem, and call attention to their cause.

There is only one ban that will work. You won’t find it being mentioned in the halls of congress or governmental leaders. It will be scoffed at by the secular media. The only ban that will ever counteract this growing terror and loss of life, will be a lifetime ban on evil.

As long as there is evil in the hearts of men, there will be new and innovative methods to continue to take life in order to advance a group cause or a personal agenda. The issue is the very basic evil resident or chosen, in the human heart. And the only antidote to that, is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Receiving Christ into one’s heart and choosing to be a citizen of the kingdom of heaven is the only answer to this present world.

Until that happens, more acts of brutal murder and terror will increase. No matter what you ban, a method, a tool and a weapon will arise to fill the hand of those to determined to bring evil on the world.

The government can legislate a ban on weapons, assault rifles and automatic guns. But legalism never has purified the human heart and ultimately changed behavior for the better. It only happens when we choose to have Jesus Christ completely take over our hearts, minds and actions. Only when we surrender our will and our desires to that of Jesus Christ. Only when we become sons and daughters of God and enter right now into the kingdom of Heaven, then and only then, is evil itself banned from our life, our hearts and our motives. With Jesus at the center of our life, the world is then safe from us. And then we are safe for eternity.

“Lord, create in me a clean heart, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Melissa Turner on December 6, 2015 at 2:55 am

    Thank you, a rational solution for the hopelessness so many feel right now. We knew this would come….just didn’t know when or how. It is here….the signs are everywhere, His return is eminent.


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