Today, the delegates more time on the wording of our Fundamental Beliefs. We have had quite a long discussion on the exact wording regarding inspiration of scripture and whether it was “men” who were inspired or “authors.” Some urged that only masculine language be used. The committee shared with the delegates that the reason for using “authors,” was that there were times that the scriptures quote female prophets within the scripture record, and their words should be held as inspired also.

Then more discussion was conducted on the word on the record of creation. The main issue was to include the idea that God created the universe. Then in a “recent 6 day creation” God created this world. This generated several comments back and forth over “minor” (my emphasis) issues and perspectives. At one point, Bill Knott, Adventist Review Editor, and recent speaker at our PA Conference camp meeting was invited to come to the podium and share with the delegates how some of these statements were formed and why they were used. By the end of the discussion the suggested Fundamental Belief, as amended and brought back from the Fundamental Belief Committee after being referred back to the committee yesterday, was voted. You can read the entire amended Fundamental Belief number 6 on “Creation” in the reports of the Adventist Review.


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