Today was a wonderful time of Divine worship, inspiring messages and uplifting music.

Elder G.T. Ng had the Divine worship message. He warmly identified with the North American crowd, especially noting that today was the 4th of July, and inviting all the United States delegates to stand, and then since Canada Day was only a few days ago, the Canadians. His message was very spiritual and uplifting. He also noted the progress God’s church has made since its inception.


Washington Adventist University Choir and the WAU New England Youth ensemble were joined by musicians from Montamorales University under the direction of Dr. James Bingham to provide several musical numbers and to accompany the closing congregational song. They were simply outstanding. So proud of our WAU musicians.

In the afternoon were several musical numbers that were top quality.


Tonight, the North American Division gave the report of the mission and strategic directions of God’s work in the NAD. Then Elder Jim Nix, director of the E.G. White Estate shared some insightful stories of the life of Ellen White. A short clip of a new movie about the life and ministry of Ellen White was shown. This is a film that is produced by the South Pacific Division and it looks just excellent. I can hardly wait to see it in its entirety and to purchase a personal copy.

The second division report was from the Middle East, North Africa Division. These are almost exclusively Muslim countries. While our membership is very small in this division, Homer Trecartin shared some thrilling stories of God at work. Several pictures were shown during this report, but the faces in the photos had to be obscured to protect those practicing Christianity from repercussions in their own home countries. Pray for the work in the Middle East. I have a warm spot in my heart for that region, as my Aunt and Uncle, Raymond and Iva Hartwell served there for many years.


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