General Conference Session Day 1 – July 2, 2015

Some us Facebook, some now use Twitter, Instagram or Tumbler. I’m going to go old-fashioned and give a personal blog every day of General Conference and accessible on the Pennsylvania Conference website.

Today was the opening of the General Conference session. It starts with some basic functions, such as voting the agenda for the session, learning to use the electronic voting “clickers” and having each Division caucus by Division to suggest names of delegates to serve on the General Conference Session Nominating Committee.


This afternoon I sat alongside of Mark Sorensen as we met with the North American Division caucus to select our recommendations for the GC Nominating Committee. Each Union of the NAD held its individual caucus and gave names based on the allocation a Union could have. The Columbia Union selected Dave Weigley, Union president, and Renee Battle Brooks, a lay person from the Columbia Union Executive Committee, who is a prosecutor in the state of Maryland. The entire NAD has about 24 members to sit on the Nominating Committee out of about 225 members from across the world field.


Tonight, Elder Ted Wilson, current president of the General Conference is giving the President’s report, sharing some highlights of the various departmental ministries of the General Conference. He also highlighted the call to make a focused work in reaching the masses of the cities with the gospels.

During the report, Elder Wilson also highlighted the evangelistic and medical work that has been conducted by the Adventist Church in San Antonio ahead of the session. Evangelists, including Alejandro Bullon, Jose Rojas, Mark Finley and others have been conducting meetings. Also, a health/medical fair was offered free to the community. It was estimated that over $20 million of value in health care was given to community members who came to receive basic health services.

Hope Channel now has 36 fulltime channels around the world. Over 143 million copies of some version of the Great Controversy has been distributed around the world.


On a personal note, it was a joy to be with Jeanne’s Uncle Dan Zacharias, who is a delegate here from Texas by virtue of being on the NAD Executive Committee.


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