All the Neighbors Now Know that This Man is Different

Today Elder Ray Hartwell and I went with a local pastor to a family’s home. Their daughter had been baptized a few months ago (she is about 12 years old). The wife wanted to be a Christian but her husband was adamantly against it. First he told her he would kill her if she went and then he took her the next week. Last week, he went to church for the first time to this evangelistic meetings. He told a church member, who is a friend of his, to have the local church pastor come to his house and to bring Elder Hartwell, the evangelist from the USA as well. I went along to translate. This man beat around the bush for a while and finally admitted he had called us there because he wanted to give all of his life to God. Last night at the meetings he had come forward to give his heart to Jesus but he wanted to come completely clean. He then told us about a room he had in his house and could we please help him get rid of things that he knew did not belong in his house. He then led up upstairs to the roof and opened the door of a very small room. There we saw all sorts of things including idols, grain offerings, candles, a robe with green black and white (not sure what the green represented), statues and pictures of roosters and other things that almost seemed Christian such as hand carved crosses in the midst of carved ugly idols. There were African style drums (three of them.) I am not sure what that meant but from what it seemed he used them to call up the spirits or something.(Now I don’t happen to believe that all drums are wrong but it was very interesting to me to see these drums..) There were also many pictures of the Virgin Mary and other “saints” such as Saint Peter with the keys to hell. In no way was he Catholic or Christian of any kind so it was interesting that images of Mary or saints were there. One such picture had a snake pictured around it. He also had candles and a can in which he burned incense. He wanted us to get rid of all of it. It took us a while to drag all the things out, and get the room swept out. We then went in there, sang three hymns and asked him questions like you would in an evangelistic meeting. “Are you choosing today to give your entire life to Jesus?”, “Do you want to give Jesus your past and trust Jesus with your future?” “Do you choose Jesus to be your guide and to never have anything to do with the devil again?” He very loudly answered “yes please” to every question. We then prayed with him and told the devil, in the name of Jesus, to leave this man, his family and this house and never come back. We dragged everything out and loaded them up in the trunk of the pastor’s car. As we were loading the things, the man came to me and said “Oh my word! I can’t believe the way I feel! A HUGE weight has gotten off my chest. I feel so happy! I feel a peace I have never known before! Thank you Jesus!!” All the neighbors had been watching us drag things out and they came to congratulate him. Even his non-Christian neighbors (i.e. they are no religion) said “You are doing a good thing today!” He shouted to anyone who would listen, “I am a Christian now! I belong to Jesus! Did you hear me? I am free!! Free from the power of the devil. Free in Jesus!” It was simply beautiful. His 12 year old daughter had tears in her eyes. His wife was beaming! A evangelical man came by. He was such a kind sweet man. He said “Thank you so much for what you are helping my friend do. We went to school together. He has always been my friend but he has belonged to the other side for a while. I have prayed for him for years. A couple of months ago I had a dream that he was in the street preaching about Jesus and people were crowding around to hear him. I told him about my dream and he laughed at me. But today I think I am starting to see the fulfillment of this dream! This makes me so happy!!” We then went several blocks down to a river and unloaded the stuff to burn it. The neighborhood kids and adults came down and watched. They kept saying “Wow no way! This stuff belongs to _____ doesn’t it?” When we said yes, they said “Wow I never thought I’d see the day he got rid of devil things. Totally amazing!” We all watched it burn. The devil is alive and well but God has existed from all eternity and He has ultimate power! Praise God!


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  1. Posted by Lillian Torres on July 22, 2012 at 12:40 am

    Praise the Lord!!!!!! I had a similar experience when I first became a Christian with a friend. I know the amazing joy of watching someone set free from worship the devil.
    Blessings, Lillian


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