Making a “World Class” Evangelist

What makes a world class evangelist?  Is it being a well known speaker with a wide reputation like Mark Finely or Doug Bachelor? Is it having the latest in professional equipment? Is it a status among your peers?  Is it the accomplishment of dozens of evangelistic meetings? Does it come by traveling to various foreign locations?

Being a world-class evangelist is often thought of in those terms.  But in the most basic terms, being a world class evangelist comes about by being a person who responds to the gospel message of Jesus and is willing to speak for Jesus wherever Jesus calls them or places them.  It is the message of Christ and its delievery that makes someone a “World class” evangelist.

Our Pennsylvania Conference Young Adults are world class evangelists!  They are responding to the message of Jesus in their hearts, and then sharing their joy in Christ in various ways.  Some are selling books this summer.  Some are reaching out to neighborhood children around  our PA Churches, some are leading out at our summer camp.  And some are preaching the Adventist message for the last days on the mission trip.

Here is the list of topics that each speaker on the mission trip is presenting each evening and for 3 Sabbath morning worship services.

“How You Can Know the Future”   Daniel 2, the authority of scripture, the trustworthiness of prophecy.

“The God of Creation”   Creation in 6 literal days and our Divine origins

“What is Going on Here?”  The origina of Sin, the beginning of the Great Controversy

“What Happened at the Cross”  The ministry of Jesus, the plan of salvation, the gospel message

“Signs of the End of Time”  The nearness of the second coming of Christ

“Rescue” The certainty of and the manner of the second coming of Christ

“A Better Way”  The eternal ten commandments and the grace of God

“God’s Indestructible Sign”  The 7th day Sabbath

“History’s Greatest Coverup”   The attempt to change the Sabbath, Daniel 7, role of the papacy

“Walking with God”  Health, Tithe, Sabbath keeping, Adornment

“How to Start Over”   Baptism

“What Happens When you Die”  Death, Spiritualism, State of the Dead

“Where Will You Spend Eternity”  Millenium and Hell

“The Lamb of God”  The Cross and the 490 year prophecy

“Good News From the Courtroom”  The  Judgment and the 2300 Day Prophecy

“Why So Many Churches?”  The True Church, Denominations and Revelation 12

“The Coming of the Comforter”   The Holy Spirit and the unpardonable sin

“Welcome to the Family”  The Family of God, invitation to join the remnant church

“The Restoration of All Things”  Heaven, the new earth

When our PA Young Adults return from this mission trip, they will have personally preached each of these 19 Bible messages.  And they will have accomplished something that 95 % of Adventist members may never do in their lifetime. Thank God for these courageous PA Conference Young Adults.  They will have become a “world-class evangelist!”




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  1. Posted by Karen Glassford on July 14, 2012 at 10:50 pm

    It’s incredible to work with such a great group from PA here in the Dominican Republic! With such an awesome administration team from your conference, dedicated pastors and young people, you are impacting the world for Jesus! There really is no greater joy than seeing people accept Jesus as their personal Savior, is there? It has been such a privilege to work with each one of you! Keep the passion alive and one day soon we will find ourselves in heaven with our dear friends from PA, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala and many other places. In the mean time, how incredible is it that God will use each one of us if we are but willing to share His end time message to a dying planet? For those of you, who are reading this blog, but haven’t yet participated in such an evangelistic mission trip, do sign up to go next year! Your life will never be the same and you will never regret participating! You will discover a joy that that nothing else can match! Experience it yourself! 🙂


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