One of our PA Conference young adults conducting evangelisitic meetings shares their testimony.  This is the reason we invest our time and energy to  grow our PA Conference Adventist youth and young adults to be leaders for Jesus.

“Adaptability is the key word that I learned and kept on this trip. Every time I head out to my site and hours before its time to get to my site, I find that I am praying heavily and constantly during that time. It is just one prayer after another. God has really helped me a lot during this trip and I am so thankful for what He did for me. I thought I was quiet  until I met other teens around my age. I used to be really shy and to this day I still am sometimes, but when it comes to saying something important especially God’s word, I speak out loud. I decided a long time ago that I didn’t need other people to speak for me and I needed to depend more on God and less on my parents and close friends. God knows me better than I care to admit. One great moment so far was when I had gotten the whole church to raise their hands for some of the questions I asked (relating to Jesus’ kingdom). It wasn’t that way at first, since only a couple hands were raised, but then I asked and asked again and then the whole church raised their hands. I still have my doubts, but I trust God to take those doubts away. Aside from preaching, the Dominican Republic is a beautiful country and there are certain characteristics that you can’t find anywhere else. I do feel the Holy Spirit and I pray that it will continue to be with me.”

Thank you to all of our PA members who are keeping our young adults lifted up in prayer this summer.

In addition to the mission trip, there are 30 young adults selling Adventist books with PYC, and 18 young adults reaching neighborhood unchurch children with COOL Camp, and about 20 young adults serving at Laurel Lake Camp.


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