Here is a testimony from this morning on our PA Mission trip to the Dominican Republic. We appreciate your keeping our young adults in your prayers–

“This trip has been such a blessing so far. I feel like I found a second family at the church I have been speaking to. I really don’t want to leave. After the trip is over, I will miss my mission trip group, but even more, I will miss my church here in the Dominican Republic. Some people are scared to get up front and speak in front of other people, but that is the least of my worries on this trip. It’s funny to think about. I never thought I would be so unafraid to speak up front, but I know that God has helped me tremendously. He’s shown me not to be concerned about myself and if I do things right or wrong, but to be concerned about the souls who are deciding between life and death. I never would have thought I would enjoy this trip this much, to be honest, but I am. God has blessed me with a wonderful church family here, who supports me even though I go over my closing time at the end of the night’s meeting and don’t do things like they do in their culture. I am so thankful and glad I decided to come on this mission trip.”


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