The 4th of July has a special meaning to those who are citizens of the United States. So it feels a little strange to be in a foreign country and not in our home country over the 4th of July.  We celebrated our home country on the mission trip to the Dominican Republic today after worship by all standing, placing our hand over our heart and repeating in unison the pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.  It brought tears to my eyes to be standing in a foreign country and yet still demonstrating my allegiance to my country of origin.  And then the deeper meaning struck me.  Just as we were remembering our homeland of America, as Christians we are citizens of heaven.  Our real country is the one to which we will soon “return” since it is the homeland that has been promised to all the descendants of Adam through the blood of the second Adam, Jesus Christ.

Today our mission team spent most of the day in intense orientation and preparation for the meetings that we will soon be leading out in various churches.  We were coached on how to work with a translator, how to preach the sermons, how to use our computers and projectors, how to make a sermon appeal and how to work with the local pastor and church.  Each of our team was taking their responsibility seriously.

We would appreciate your prayers.  Right now, each of the team is healthy and feeling fine, and we would like to stay that way. Sometimes in a foreign country you can eat something or drink something that upsets your stomach, and we cannot afford to be sick as each person is on schedule to preach 19 sermons.  Also, pray for our equipment. We depend on every computer and every projector to work each night. Already, one of our computers is having some kind of operating system software issues that cause it to boot up and run so slowly as to make it virtually unusable. So we have fortunately been able to use a computer that was in the equipment case along with the projector that Pastor Hartwell is using (He is using his own regular Conference laptop computer for preaching).  So ask for a blessing on all our equipment.

Our enthusiasm is high.  Our camaraderie is good.  Our interaction is warm and uplifting.  Our worship and prayer time has been inspiring.  God has enlisted this team in this corner of the world to play a mighty part in the Spiritual warfare that is earnestly striving to win the hearts and minds of every man and woman in these last days.  It is our privilege to represent the Pennsylvania Conference in this unique way this summer as part of the great movement of raising up youth and young adults in mission for Jesus.


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