Your Conference Leadership and Departmental Staff have begun a prayerful discussion of how we as a Conference can effectively seek to keep a focus on the issues and ministry initiatives that best help indicate we are being faithful to mission and the mission of Christ in these last days.  One concept that we are exploring, is utilizing an approach called, “Key Performance Indicators” or KPI.  We have indentified some preliminary areas we believe may be KPIs for our work as a Conference.  We will be discussing these in more detail with our Pastors this Spring.  In the meantime, the Education Department has already begun developing with the Principals, appropriate KPIs for our Adventist Christian schools.

As our leadership discussed what these could be for the Conference, one that surfaced early in importance, was to develop and cultivate an attitude and atmosphere of Grace in our Churches, our Schools, our Conference Leadership and in our personal lives. While we must be people of the book, and faithful and loyal to the Biblical teachings and last day message of Jesus, the commandments and a Christian lifestyle, what is our motivation for that?  How do we treat each other in the Church? What does a last-day message have to do with Grace?  What is the most central part of being an Adventist in the last days? 

When we read the 3 Angel’s Messages of Revelation 14:6-12, we find that “…the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth…” is the lead off, the keynote of the 3 Angel’s Messages.  Every one of God’s basic Christian doctrines, every one of our distinctive Adventist beliefs, is in some very real way, portraying the reality of God’s grace. 

So we will be looking and praying about how that element of grace is in fact, being incorporated into our personal life, our church life and the way we treat each other and those we come in contact with.  Is there a noticeable element of Grace, a permeating atmosphere, a recognizable sense of God’s grace flowing through our Church families?


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