You Need to Read It — The Great Controversy

You Need to Read It -- The Great Controversy

Whether you visibly see it or not, there is a colossal battle taking place right now between the two greatest powers in history. Each of us has a stake in the outcome and each of us plays a part on the world stage. Revelation 13 opens up to us the view of the Great Controversy between the forces of heaven and the forces of evil. One of the best resources for understanding this spiritual battle, is the book by Ellen White entitled, The Great Controversy. Right now, there are hundreds of people across Pennsylvania who have a heart yearning to know God’s purposes and will, especially at this point in earth’s history. I have been deeply encouraged when recently I have struck up a conversation with a perfect stranger, and before the conversation is over, have encouraged them to read The Great Controversy. For there has been more of a willingness to accept this book, than in years past. From a professional person next to me on a flight to Atlanta, to a college student working at a pizza shop in Forty-Fort, PA, the response has been positive. What about you? This year in the Pennsylvania Conference, we are calling upon each church and each church member to read through the book The Great Controversy. Over the last year, our Conference Office staff followed along with me as we shared and discussed a chapter each week in morning worship. Your heart will be moved as you see the unfolding of God’s plan and purpose. And then in 2012, we will begin to pray that God will lead each one of us to those we can share a copy of The Great Controversy with. The time is right, as never before, for our world to hear the message of this book!


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